Participants endorse our heart-health workshops

A series of workshops were held between January and July 2017 to increase awareness about prevention of heart diseases by healthy lifestyle. Men and women of all ages and walks of life participated enthusiastically and gave positive feedback.

Dr. Anand Chockalingam (Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA),  the Chief Guest at the bootcamp held on 22 July, stressed the importance of gratitude on a minute-by-minute basis. He also encouraged the participants to involve themselves passionately and wholeheartedly in their daily activities.

“We have learnt how to incorporate simple health-promoting practices in our everyday life” said a couple who attended the full-day workshop at Cardiac Wellness Institute in January 2017. 

“My mind was filled with fear and doubts about my health ever since my bypass surgery. The program has helped me overcome those fears and look ahead to a happier and healthier life” said a 74 year old gentleman after attending the bootcamp in July 2017.

Team Cardiac Wellness Institute is glad to be providing the much-needed education and awareness to our people.

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