Heart of the Matter – Well attended

This awareness program offered a unique opportunity for participants to interact with experts in the field of cardiac care, to learn practical tips for managing their health better and to get reliable answers to their doubts on diet, fitness, relaxation and overall wellbeing.
Individuals with a history of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol problems, obesity, mental stress and other chronic ailments benefitted from this event. Dr. Priya Chockalingam introduced the concept of holistic heart health and enlightened the participants about basic functioning of the heart, and the mechanism, management and complications of heart attack.
Dr. Amirtha Ganesh’s talk on heart attack and how to optimise health after a heart attack was an eye-opener for the participants. He gave real-life examples to stress the importance of cardiac rehabilitation.
Ms. Meenakshi Bajaj’s interactive session on healthy eating concepts helped debunk some myths about diets and their ingredients. Everyone’s involvement and interest during the exercise session were spot on.
Participants also got to hear the experiences of a young executive who overcame his cardiac condition through cardiac rehabilitation and appropriate risk-factor modification.
The awareness program met it’s goal of spreading scientific and evidence-based information about heart diseases. The participants were glad that all their queries were addressed. The event ended with some healthy refreshments.