Media coverage of Cardiac Wellness Institute’s 10th Anniversary

A popular daily newspaper The New Indian Express has captured the essence of Cardiac Wellness Institute’s founding principles and it’s achievements over the past 10 years. The celebratory event was held at Hotel Taj Coromandel, Chennai and was well attended by doctors and patrons.

Dr. Priya Chockalingam welcomed the audience and elaborated on the clinical work and the research publications of the Institute. Prof. Arthur Wilde, Dr. R. Anantharaman and Dr. M.M.Yusuf shared their experiences on collaborating with the Institute and reinforced the importance of cardiac rehab in the road to recovery of patients. Mr. Gopi Koteeswaran spoke about the future plan of the Institute to become a digitally accessible heart care platform and thanked the guests for their presence.

Cardiac Wellness Institute partners with CentraCare Multispecialty Hospital

Cardiac Wellness Institute is proud to partner with CentraCare Multispecialty Hospital in Belgaum, Karnataka, to provide world-class cardiac rehab for it’s patients.

In order to spread the word about the medical aspects and the benefits of cardiac rehab, Dr. Priya Chockalingam facilitated a CME program for healthcare professionals on 8th February and an awareness program for the public on 9th February 2024, at CentraCare Hospital.

Both the events were well attended by healthcare professionals and people from all walks of life.

CME program on cardiac rehab facilitated by Dr. Priya

Public awareness program on cardiac rehab was conducted by Dr. Priya

Corporate heart health awareness program conducted to commemorate World Heart Day 2023

As part of the Heartonomics series by Cardiac Wellness Institute, Dr. Priya Chockalingam conducted an online heart health awareness program for the young team of Cognizant on 4 October 2023. The session, which included tips about healthy lifestyle, symptoms of heart disease and the importance of regular medical checks to keep risk factors at bay, was very well received and ended with a fruitful interaction.

Cardiopulmonary Rehab Course conducted successfully for healthcare professionals on World Heart Day

On World Heart Day, Cardiac Wellness Institute organised an online course on Cardiopulmonary Rehab for healthcare professionals, as part of the Heartonomics Series.

2-6 pm IST on 29 September 2023
Online course – Google Meet

Facilitator – Dr. Priya Chockalingam
Clinical Director, Cardiac Wellness Institute

Course Agenda
The following 4 modules were covered
1. Cardiopulmonary anatomy, physiology & pathology
2. Comprehensive cardiopulmonary rehabilitation: phases & components
3. Assessment & evaluation of the patient: Physical, Nutritional, Emotional,
Health Behaviour and Health Literacy aspects
4. Setting up a cardiopulmonary rehab facility

Award for Best Woman Medical Practitioner conferred on Dr. Priya Chockalingam

In view of International Women’s Day, Holy Cross College Has awarded Dr. Priya Chockalingam with the Best Woman Medical Practitioner Award. Dr. Priya also addressed the students of the Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics on the day of the centennial celebration of the institution, 10th March 2023, on the topic “Holistic Heart Health for Women”.

Webinar on cardiac rehab with eminent panelists

Cardiac Wellness Institute conducted an online panel discussion “CARDIAC REHAB FOR A HEALTHIER YOU” to raise awareness about the importance of cardiac rehab in people with heart diseases and at-risk individuals. The panelists, Dr. R. Anantharaman, Dr. G. Sengottuvelu, and Dr. M. M. Yusuf, experts in the field of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, participated in the panel while Dr. Priya Chockalingam moderated the discussion.

It was heartwarming to see the enthusiastic audience and the interactive tone of the session. Several of the attendees have enrolled for the personalised home-based cardiac rehab program after learning about the excellent outcomes in our heart patients. We also have a lot of youngsters interested in the heart disease prevention program, a complete health and wellness program for those with risk factors. We would like to thank AstraZeneca for their support in conducting this event.

World heart Day 2021 Webinar for Healthcare Professionals

In view of the upcoming World Heart Day (29 September 2021), Cardiac Wellness Institute is organising a scientific Webinar on Cardiac Rehabilitation Breaking Barriers & Improving Outcomes on 26 September 2021, between 6.00-7.30pm.

All healthcare professionals may register for this free webinar using the link:

We look forward to meeting you all. Please feel free to share the information with your colleagues and do contact us for any clarifications +9144-43192828 / +91-9940408828

Webinar on heart health and emotional wellbeing during the pandemic

It is during such challenging times as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that we realise how important it is to stay healthy. While it is a stressful period for each and every one of us, it is more so for those who have underlying heart health issues and emotional health problems.

Cardiac Wellness Institute was glad to host the webinar on “Heart Health and Emotional Wellbeing during the Pandemic” on 12 June 2021. It was very well attended by individuals from various walks of life and there was a meaningful interaction cum Q&A session as well.