HeartFit@Home program running successfully

As the last few months were challenging in multiple ways and taking care of one’s health¬†might not have¬†been easy, Cardiac Wellness Institute launched a unique online program HeartFit@Home to help improve people’s health and wellness while at home during this pandemic.

Whatever health goal participants may have, this program has been helping them inch closer to their dream while having fun. Participants have been diligently attending our weekly online sessions and adhering to our instructions. Our expert team has been guiding them towards a balanced healthy diet, appropriate exercise regime and stress management techniques with an aim to help control and reverse hypertension, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol and obesity and keep major ailments like heart attack, stroke, cancer, dementia and other chronic diseases at bay.

Here are some pictures of the participants in action. For enquiries, please contact our team at +91 8148469019.