A multidisciplinary cardiogenetic team approach has become the gold standard in the management of individuals and families with familial heart diseases.

What is sudden cardiac death?

Sudden cardiac death refers to the death of an individual within an hour of onset of cardiac symptoms. Heart attack or myocardial infarction (coronary artery disease) is the commonest cause of sudden cardiac death globally. It is a multifactorial disease with lifestyle, genes and environment playing causative roles. We provide personalized prevention programs and cardiac rehabilitation programs to prevent and reverse coronary artery disease, respectively.

What are the genetic causes?

There are somerare diseases of the heart caused by genetic mutations that run in families and can give rise to dangerous arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm). The two main disease groups are cardiomyopathies (structural heart muscle abnormalities) and channelopathies (conduction defects in the heart). Their warning signs include one or more of the following: fainting episodes, feeling of an abnormal heartbeat, breathlessness, difficulty to perform daily activities, heart failure and sudden cardiac arrest.

How to arrive at a diagnosis?

A complete cardiovascular examination, anelectrocardiogram (ECG) andan echocardiogram (echo) have to be performed to understand the structure and function of the heart. Advanced testing modalities including a genetic test mightbe needed to arrive at a definite diagnosis. Treatments to prevent dangerous arrhythmias are initiated immediately upon suspecting disease.A genetic test not only helps to identify the cause of disease in the patient but also allows us to identify the disease and prevent sudden death in close relatives like siblings, parents and children. Sometimes, the very first manifestation of disease is the death of a young and apparently healthy individual. When the family members of the deceased individual seek medical help that is when these hidden genetic causes get diagnosed.

Who should seek help?

  • Parents of young children diagnosed with a genetic heart condition
  • Relatives of young individuals (below 40 years) who died suddenly of an unknown cause
  • Survivors of sudden cardiac arrest in the absence of known causes
  • Individuals with structurally normal hearts and life-threatening arrhythmias
  • Young individuals with cardiomyopathies

How can we help?

Our expertise lies in educating, counseling and guiding individuals and their families to understand and better manage these rare and potentially life-threatening conditions.

If you have questions, would like to discuss in detail or have some information to share, kindly get in touch with us.