The aim of Cardiac Wellness Institute is to reduce death, disability and suffering caused by cardiovascular diseases. We believe that this can only be achieved by educating people, providing them with cutting edge treatment facilities and involving them in their long-term disease management.

Guiding Philosophy

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), including heart attack, stroke and diseases of blood vessels are the leading causes of death globally. With industrialization and urbanization, the major causes of death and disability have shifted from a predominance of nutritional deficiencies and infectious diseases to those classified as non-communicable diseases. This shift in the health front has been termed “the epidemiologic transition”.

CVDs, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dyslipidemia and chronic lung diseases are all non-communicable or lifestyle diseases. While medications, interventions and surgery offer relief from symptoms and are often lifesaving, these diseases can be prevented, reversed and cured only by striking at the root cause of disease, that is, at our lifestyle. That is exactly what we do at Cardiac Wellness Institute – understand your health-related behavior, correlate it with your clinical status and come up with simple and effective solutions. And we are aware that knowing is one thing but doing is another! Hence, we have formed a highly professional and expert team to support you, nurture you and encourage you to make small changes, one step at a time, until you have reached all your health goals.  

Key focus areas

Heart disease, diabetes, cancers and chronic respiratory diseases can be prevented to a great extent by eliminating the shared risk behaviors namely tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, stressful lifestyle and the harmful use of alcohol. Being well informed about the impact that specific lifestyle choices have on our health is crucial in the process of making the most appropriate choices for our wellbeing.

With our highly skilled and experienced team guiding you, it will be a dream come true when you reach your health goals and make progress in your journey to a healthy life. And for us at Cardiac Wellness Institute our goals are clear; empower you to take control of your health and show you the path to lifelong wellness. With the state-of-the-art facilities at our centre, together with the commintment and dedication of our professionals, we are confident that we can help you get better.

We constantly strive to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients and at the same time are sensitive to their social, cultural and religious needs. We take feedback seriously, considering it as a cornerstone for improving our services. We focus on the following four stages of prevention to reduce disease severity and improve people’s health-related quality of life.

1. Primordial prevention: By spreading awareness about the behavioral and metabolic risk factors, we help people stay healthy and away from disease 

2. Primary prevention: Through our personalized prevention programs, we help individuals with one or more risk factors to control them efficiently and prevent full blown disease

3. Secondary prevention: By means of our multidisciplinary cardiac rehabilitation programs, we provide heart patients and their family members with the knowledge and the skills to lead healthy and happy lives, free of fear and complications  

4. Tertiary prevention: Reducing disability is synonymous with improving quality of life. Even individuals with complications like heart failure and depression benefit from individualized rehabilitation programs

Statistics reveal that a large proportion of individuals succumb to heart attack even before they reach a hospital. Increasing awareness among people and controling their risk factors through primordial and primary prevention are the most effective ways to overcome such massive losses to mankind. Many of those who reach a hospital recover with medical, interventional and surgical therapies. However, research has shown that patients and families are in a state of shock and struggle to cope with this sudden crisis. Moreover, they are completely unaware of the causes of disease and the means to take control of their condition. This is where secondary and tertiary prevention, namely cardiac rehabilitation, plays a crucial role. 

Teamwork and collaboration

We are aware that the fight against the world’s number one killer disease – cardiovascular disease – cannot be fought alone. It calls for teamwork and collaboration. Healthcare professionals including physicians, surgeons, dietitians, physiotherapists, counseling psychologists, paramedics and nurses have to join hands with one another and with the society at large to end this epidemic. And the role of teamwork in caring for the acutely ill or recuperating individuals cannot be underestimated. The patients, their caretakers, family members and friends have to be in close contact and in agreement with the doctors and allied staff to achieve the best results.

The healthcare team at Cardiac Wellness Institute is truly multidisciplinary with each member of the team working in close cooperation with the others to provide the best care to the clients. We have a wide range of services to meet the requirements of people of all walks of life – because, cardiovascular diseases are a threat to people of all walks of life. Referrals by healthcare professionals are valued highly. We in turn involve them in the patient care and research activities at Cardiac Wellness Institute and provide regular progress updates about their patients.

Medical Research

We are convinced that healthcare advances are not feasible without top notch research endeavors. Just as we give our best to making people feel physically and emotionally better, we also put in equal efforts on research activities. We constantly update our knowledge, and document, analyse and publish the results of our work in national and international forums and journals. One of our important goals is to network and exchange ideas with some of the leading preventive cardiology centres in India and worldwide.