The founding principle of Cardiac Wellness Institute is to help people with heart diseases and at-risk individuals to make healthy lifestyle changes that in turn will reduce their risk and enable them to live a healthy, happy and long life.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), including heart attack, stroke and diseases of blood vessels are the leading causes of death globally. With industrialization and urbanization, the major causes of death and disability have shifted from a predominance of nutritional deficiencies and infectious diseases, to those classified as non-communicable diseases such as CVDs, cancer, and diabetes. This shift in the health front has been termed “the epidemiologic transition”.

CVDs, diabetes, cancers and chronic respiratory diseases can be prevented to a great extent by eliminating the shared risk behaviors namely tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, stressful lifestyle and the harmful use of alcohol. Being well informed about the impact that specific lifestyle choices have on our health is crucial in the process of making the most appropriate choices for our wellbeing.

With our highly skilled and experienced team guiding you, it will be a dream come true when you reach your health goals and make progress in the journey to a healthy life. And for us at the Cardiac Wellness Institute our goals are clear; empower you to take control of your heart health and show you the path to lifelong wellness. The state-of-the-art facilities that help us cater to the varied patient needs include computerized stress test, exercise treadmill, recumbent bike, circuit training, resistance training, individualized dietary planning, psychosocial counseling, stress management and personalized goal-setting.

Our Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

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Personalized Lifestyle Modification

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Health Education and Counseling

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Cardiac Support Groups

We cater to the emotional and psychological needs of patients with heart diseases by providing... Read more

Self-Management Program

The purpose of this program is to enable better control of one’s own disease by providing adequate... Read more

Health Awareness Program

Awareness is the foundation for effective prevention. Only by being aware of why and how heart... Read more

Cardiac Wellness Workshop

Whether you are an organization that values the health of its employees, an institution that aims to spread... Read more

Cardiac Wellness Institute has a wide range of services to help people with heart diseases and
at-risk individuals make healthy lifestyle choices

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