Health Awareness

Only by being aware of the causes of heart disease, their warning signs and the complications that can arise, people get the motivation and confidence to take preventive measures. We at Cardiac Wellness Institute strive to spread awareness about cardiovascular diseases by various means such as newspaper write-ups, television interviews, blog articles and social media.

Awareness programs

We actively engage in awareness programs at educational institutions, corporate companies and government and non-governmental organizations. During the 60-90 minutes program, a large number of audience are educated, using audiovisual presentations, about the basics of preventing heart diseases. The interative Question & Answer session at the end of the program is extremely valuable to the audience as they get first hand scientific explanations and answers to all their health related queries.

Cardiac wellness workshops

Whether you are an organization that values the health of its employees, an institution that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among its staff or an association caring about people’s wellbeing, our heart health workshops will be ideal for you. The length and nature of the workshops can be tailored to meet your requirements; participants generally spend 2-3 hours gaining an in-depth understanding of the various components of heart healthy living. A typical workshop has about 25-30 participants and the areas covered will be different types of exercises, components of a balanced diet, weight management, managing blood sugar and blood pressure, and how to manage stress and deal with the pressures of life. The workshop can be organized at your workplace or at a mutually convenient location. The highlights of the workshop will be audiovisual presentations, hands-on training, interactive forums and personalized health advice.

Health education and counseling

We offer group education sessions focused on the causes and management of cardiovascular diseases followed by individual counseling aimed at addressing specific issues faced by the participants. Students, caretakers, family members of heart patients, and paramedics are some groups of people who feel enlightened and empowered by this unique service of ours. We also focus on prevention of sudden cardiac death due to genetic diseases of the heart.

Cardiac support groups

We cater to the emotional and psychological needs of patients with heart diseases by providing them group interaction sessions. There is abundant scientific evidence to show that people tend to share their emotions and experiences with others who are in a similar situation. Not only does this enable them to overcome feelings of stress, depression and loneliness, but it also helps them understand the importance of behavior change and the concept of lifelong healthy choices when in a group.

If you would like to organize a program or would like further information about our services, please get in touch with us.