Dr. Priya Chockalingam

MBBS, MRCPCH, PhD Cardiology

Founder and Clinical Director, Cardiac Wellness Institute

Dr. Priya's mission is to help people with heart diseases lead a healthy life by educating them about their risk factors and by supporting them to make appropriate lifestyle modifications. Her medical training in India combined with her exposure to renowned healthcare facilities in India, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Switzerland and The Netherlands grant her a unique advantage to take the lead in bringing the best practices in the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases to the subcontinent. She is convinced that the only way we can avoid becoming the "world capital" of cardiovascular and other lifestyle disease is by embracing a strategy of health awareness and disease prevention.

Dr. Priya's recent book "Journey to a Hearty Health" published by Elsevier provides a practical approach to understanding, preventing and reversing heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Her books, public interactions, heart-health workshops, television programs and newspaper articles are spreading awareness about heart diseases and their management among people of various walks of life. Dr. Priya hails from a family of doctors and is an alumnus of the prestigious Madras Medical College. Her desire to combine clinical excellence with scientific research in the management of patients motivated her to obtain her PhD in Cardiology from the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands.


MPT Cardiopulmonary Sciences

Chief Physiotherapist, Cardiac Wellness Institute

Manjuma is a seasoned physiotherapist with expertise in managing individuals with cardiorespiratory conditions. Her passion lies in helping individuals optimize their heart health and lung function through targeted therapeutic interventions. With a strong background in assessing and treating a variety of cardiac and pulmonary issues, her focus is on enhancing patients' cardiovascular and respiratory well-being through tailored prevention and rehabilitation strategies. She is committed to improving the quality of life for patients by designing personalized exercise programs and ensuring a holistic approach to improving health.

Ms. D. Rupini

MSc. Clinical Nutrition

Chief Dietitian, Cardiac Wellness Institute

Rupini believes that following a healthy lifestyle should be a consistent habit and not just a fancy trend. She is a proponent of nutritional strategies that help transform people’s lives in a sustainable manner. Her experience and exposure in assessing and planning individualised diets for patients with cardiovascular, renal, lung diseases and metabolic conditions like diabetes, dyslipidemia and obesity make her an integral member of the healthcare team at Cardiac Wellness Institute.

Rupini is a dedicated and understanding dietician who works closely with individuals to help them attain their dietary and overall health goals. She enjoys spreading awareness about the importance of a balanced healthy diet in the prevention of chronic ailments.

Mrs. Mathangi Ramprasad

Counseling Psychologist, Cardiac Wellness Institute

Mrs. Mathangi Ramprasad is a freelance counselor working in Chennai. She has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Psychology (Guidance and Counseling) from the Madras University. One of her goals is to motivate individuals and to foster well- being and mental health. With her vast experience in handling people's psychological problems, her role as Counseling Psychologist is a key aspect of patient care at Cardiac Wellness Institute. She facilitates group counseling as well as individual sessions for individuals with cardiovascular diseases and for those at high- risk and with adverse health behaviors. Mathangi also conducts workshops on stress management, parenting, and training for corporates and schoolteachers. She is a Member of Chennai Counselors Foundation and Life Associate Member, Indian Psychiatric Society.

Medical science has proved that stress has an important link in the causation and progression of cardiovascular diseases. It has been found that patients with a recent diagnosis of heart disease and those undergoing interventional procedures or heart surgeries cope much better with the help of appropriate emotional support and guidance.